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Developing business intelligence (BI) capabilities is not to be undertaken lightly. Its benefits are significant, widespread and sometimes even hard to conceptualize. The steps needed to make it happen are far-reaching, interdependent, and complex. At the same time, each organization is at a slightly different place on the BI continuum.

We offer a range of services that support you in any aspect of a data warehouse and business intelligence initiative. From conducting BI maturity assessments, creating business intelligence strategic roadmaps, consulting on a DW and BI architecture, to developing advanced solutions for business intelligence and performance management, we ensure that our client’s leaders and managers have the tools they need to gain a better view across their organization and make better business decisions.

What’s more, because our business intelligence consultants are already familiar with our client’s industries and follow our proven methodology, we can:

  • Minimize disruptions and significantly shorten users’ learning curve
  • Help management more readily understand and buy into the solution
  • Empower employees to become part of the new solution and increase their value to the organization
  • Expedite the delivery of measurable business results, with greater efficiency and transparency

The most prominent feature of the implementation services is the capability to setup Captive team sizes ranging from 10 to 1000.Apart from setting up captive development or support centers, JARS Services also implements disaster recovery centers and second centers in alternative locations to obtain a better leverage of the offshore presence of its customers over a period of time.

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