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Smart Automation

Automation has been highly important in the present business arena. There has been quite a stir in the digital world, which has given way to next-gen technology. Today’s smart automation makes way for an era of advanced automation software. It is everything you needed for a safer and sustainable tomorrow.

Most of the vexing problems of the future shall be solved with the help of smart automation. Combination of important key technologies like big data, artificial intelligence, and advanced analytics along with autonomous systems can help achieve great heights.

Smart automation is the frontier, which helps improving human condition. Now as we head into the future slowly, it is worth reflecting on how humanity will see a change with smart automation taking a greater role in the lives. Additionally, smart automation can help you redefine and experience each aspect of safety, comfort and convenience.

There is a wide explosive growth in the arena of Internet of Things (IoT) and is leading its way towards a fully automated society. Everything around us is becoming connected in no time, including cars, homes, healthcare devices, cities and so on. Gradually, we are witnessing more data being transmitted across large networks and are saved in the cloud. This is all becoming possible with the help of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology.

LPWAN refers to a wireless technology, which interconnects battery-powered devices having low bit rates over extremely long range. This technology is not a single technology, but comprises of a group of other technologies making many forms and shapes. LPWANS can make use of licensed and unlicensed frequencies including open standard or proprietary options.

In other words, Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) refers to a broad term defining a wide array of technologies beneficial for connecting controllers along with sensors to the internet, without using traditional WiFi.

IoT technology demands communication technologies offering long-range connectivity, affordable expansion and low power consumption. This brought in the need for LPWAN, a technology that was created for meeting these needs.

Any device being labelled as IoT must be meeting all-important criteria including cost efficiency, reliability, quality, safety, security, processors, internet connectivity and sensors. Lora technology is one of the main LPWAN technologies available in the market. This technology is a physical-layer one modulating signals successfully in the sub-GHz ISM band with the help of chirp spread-spectrum modulation technology.

CSS was initially developed back in the 1940s while were being traditionally used for the purpose of military applications for its long distance usage. Using a bandwidth of 125 kHz and 250 kHz, its data rate ranges between 300 bit/ and 50 kbit/s.

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