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JARS SERVICES aims at conducing maximum result by reducing workload and expenses across Industries with the Industrial Automation devices that feature in our product base.

We provide technologies that make monitoring and controlling of industrial machines convenient, consistent and efficient. We build wired and wireless sensors that transmit signals and make administering of machines automatic and faultless. These Internet-supported sensors create networks that lead to the interaction between small systems and large operating systems. To top it all, these networks can be monitored by smart phones to inspect performance or save energy by communicating with the power grid.

Since the entire expanse of an Industry is computer controlled, maintenance becomes an easy task. Our Industrial Automation includes a wide range of products:

  • Heaters
  • Human Machine Interfaces (Instruction is placed on the Control Panel and the concerned machine is dispatched to fulfill the task)
  • Motion Products (Robots, Electric rod-shaped cylinders, Flexible Feeding system based on voice coil, Actuator, Gear Box, Motors)
  • Motor Controls (Devices that control motors automatically)
  • Power Controls (Energy-consumption saving products)
  • Process Controls (Devices to control temperature, fluid or gas pressure)
  • Data Acquisition and Recorders (Devices to capture and record equipment performance)
  • Safety Devices (Scanner, Controller, E-stop Circuits, Light Curtains)
  • Sensors (Laser, Photo, Hot and Cold Metal, Pressure & Tension Transducers, Transmitters, Signal Conditioners)
  • Industrial Robots

JARS Services work ethics has been impressive. They are very committed and time and time again have not failed in unhesitatingly offering their services even at the last hour.

– Top Indian IT Company