JARS Services Clients range from Fortune 500 companies, Top 4 consulting firms, to small start-ups. Our unique model has made it possible for companies with diverse needs to capitalize on the India opportunity successfully.

Clients tend to go captive for a variety of reasons – Intellectual Property & security concerns, Defined India Strategy, Cost Reduction compared to traditional offshore, “outsourcing” concerns, ability to treat Indian team as employees – stock options, benefits, etc.

Many clients use India as a operational base to deliver more than one activity – Tech development, tech QA, Call Center, Back Office activities, Research and Analysis units, OR all of these. In the offshore outsourcing model, this may need to go to different vendor for different activities as there are hardly any companies who can do all of them. We enable our clients to do all these and more in their captive centers.


  • An After Market Automotive BPO company used us to establish their Global Delivery Center, which was started with a team of Microsoft .Net and Commerce Server Engineers. The first version of their product was built for 40% of the cost estimated, using U.S. resources in the GDC. In addition, the company now has a team of dedicated engineers that it has direct control over and which it can call its own.
  • An Online Retail eCommerce software company used us to establish their Virtual Global Delivery Center, which is currently staffed with a team of Microsoft .Net Engineers. iMart uses the benefits of 24/7 development in order to provide quick support turnaround to its key customer.
  • A U.K. based information management and business intelligence solutions provider used us to create their Indian subsidiary which provides a variety of services to their global parent including Business Objects and Microsoft .Net development/support. The Indian team is slated to grow by 200% every year for the next two years.
  • A 8 billion USD revenue sized and leading fortune 500 financial services company used us to create their offshore subsidiary in Hyderabad, India and manage hundreds of associates over a multi-year period. The customer also used us to build over a 2000 seat multi functional facility spread over 200000 Sq. ft.
  • A 200 Million USD, leading provider of VOIP testing solutions from the US, used us to setup their subsidiary in Kolkata, India and manage over 40 associates. The customer also used us to build out a larger dedicated facility.
  • A healthcare asset management software provider with over 200 hospital customers used our services to create their Indian subsidiary and transition product development processes to their Indian teams. As a part of this engagement, JARS Services provided offshore experienced project managers who helped reduce implementation risk and increase delivery quality.
  • A global leader in I.T. services uses our services to help source temporary and permanent technology talent of upto 60 resources in a variety of I.T. areas for their global services center in India.
  • A Top 4 Consulting firm from the US, is using our services to help them with resource ramps for their existing captive Center in Hyderabad using our Sustenance Services.


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