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Market research offers insight in the planning of marketing strategies for a specific industry offering. These services provide the clients with unique information required to stay a step ahead in today’s game. There is a vast range of research services that offer the clients with informational edge. We at JARS Services provide a large spectrum of services which range from daily information needs right up to complicated research solutions. It aids in assisting the clients to fulfill the strategic needs.

Market research is all about lending an ear to people while performing proper analysis of the information. This analysis is performed in order to aid organizations to make improved decisions while mitigate risks. Our services deal with the analysis and interpretation of data that help build knowledge and information beneficial in predicting the forte of market.


We, at JARS Services ensure that all the research solutions offered are specifically tailor-made for meeting the business objectives of the clients. This is performed through critical analysis made of the information input. We comprise of elaborate methodologies of scoping that enable generate better organization specific solutions.



In order to improve the level of customer satisfaction, it is extremely essential to measure it. This is because of the logic that if anything is not measurable, then in no case it gets authentic. As customers are the prime assets driving any business, hence customers are referred as being a major asset for the organization. The measuring of customer satisfaction aids in deriving the essential information about customers that in turn aids in smooth running of business. Our services of measuring customer satisfaction aims to measure how satisfied customers are with an organization’s performance. This research in turn aids your organization to function better.


This refers to a concept of marketing that brings about a division in the set up of market. The division paves way for smaller subsets that comprises of consumers having similar taste, preference and demand. A single market segment essentially comprises of individuals thinking on same lines while having similar interests. We deal with market segmentation to vividly segment one market from the other. The services revolve around the targeting and identification of groups having similar taste to one another.


Brand equity is referred as an expression of the strength and brand value. It is measured for product and service as well as corporate brands. The measurement procedure offers a framework that accurately measures an organization’s performance of the vital assets that are its brands. It can be measured in a wide array of ways.

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