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A project usually deems to be a success when it successfully achieves all objectives in accordance with the acceptance criteria. A project is considered being unique when it does not have a specific routine operation, rather has few set of specific operations which have been designed for accomplishing a singular goal. Project management refers to the application of skills, knowledge, and tools along with techniques for projecting activities that help in meeting project requirements.

Project Management can be identified as a process to achieve distinct project objectives like schedule, performance, budget and others. This is performed through a specific set of activities, which start as well as end timely while producing quality results. The project management is concerned with the management of discrete work packages that help in achieving specific objectives. There are a number of factors that assesses the way the work gets managed. Such factors include the significance, the scale, and the complexity. This is what as a strong foundation at JARS Services, strive to achieve where we remain critical towards the success of distinct complex projects of your organization Thus, you can easily begin a project with us which we shall strive to achieve successfully right from initiation to the completion.



The initiation phase is the starting point of all project management lifecycle. This is the phase, which gives a kick-start to the Project Management lifecycle. The main idea of the project gets explored and elaborated at this stage. The prime goal of the phase lies in examining the prime feasibility of the project. Decisions are made regarding the bearer of the project. At this stage of initiation, the partners of the project tend to enter into a relationship with one another. Our initiation services at JARS are strived towards bringing about a prolific initiation of a project so that the latter stages get better.


After the project has been initiated, the project management enters the second stage. This stage is known as the planning phase. As the name suggests, it involves the creation of a distinct set of plans that aid in the execution as well as the closure phases of the prime project. The plans that have been created in this phase help you to achieve proper management of quality, cost, time, risk changes and issues. At the same time, the process aids you in managing staff as well as external suppliers in order to ensure timely delivery. This is what we aim to achieve so that planning for your project gets into action in no time.


This is the third phase that our project management cycle deals with. This is the phase where we build deliverables of the physical project. This stage is of the longest duration and consumes maximum resources and energy. In order to control and monitor the project at this phase, our services cater around the implementation of varied management processes. The process further aids the management of cost, quality, time, risks, change, and issues. The quality of the project is assessed at this stage in order to ensure the end product be the best.


This is the last phase of project management process, which comprises of activities and actions that are performed across varied processes. Transfer of ownership is performed if necessary and is followed by the operation of closeout. This is done in order to formally close out or complete the project. Thus, it is once all the phase activities and tasks are completed that the resulting deliverable is further created.

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