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Increased instances of terrorism have made it extremely crucial to build, adapt and improve solar fencing technology having high performance. The presence of a hundred cameras will prove futile when solar fencing watch system is not enough effective.

The most impactful design of security fencing is proposed site enclosure having advanced solar fencing system, IPIR long and short vision cameras, restricted devices at entry, thermal cameras, auto monitoring system, and solar fencing system is the end product of developing sensor manufacturing and computer network. This helps in decreasing the workload of operators and gains higher reaction readiness.

A multi-layered strategy involves few separate security rings comprising of video imaging that focuses on many points on the inner as well as outer circles. These fencing systems help in preventing intrusion from occurring while are also instrumental in forensics. The software is beneficial in analyzing detailed footage of a particular site while the positioning system makes way for complex queries rather than focusing on a specific geographical region.

Fence watch can prove to be invaluable when perimeter lighting is fused off, as it is one of the most dangerous incidents taking place in a particular site. This is because they can easily see through pitch dark that would otherwise have obscured the view. Thus, solar fencing system is extremely useful for high-end security fencing applications.


  • On Site with the help of keypad
  • Control room that uses perimeter software
  • Advanced solar fencing


  • Safe yet effective detector and deterrent
  • Power modes (High and low both)
  • Charger along with backup battery
  • LCD keypad for controlling and programming
  • A wide array of programmable options
  • Monitor through PC (with the help of Perimeter software)
  • Control inputs that can be configured for taking NO or NC control contacts


  • The system can detect, track as well as target the intruder
  • The system can detect, track as well as target the intruder
  • Intruders can be automatically tracked from one camera to the other
  • The system can detect any threatening activity taking place at a distance of 10 feet outside the designated parameter
  • The system can also detect any unauthorized activity taking place inside the parameter
  • It also helps to target any violation caused to rules set in a particular zone whenever a breach occurs


The central monitoring system is an integrated system that allows an operator to control and maintain the security fencing system of a site from a remote or centralized location.

The system promises a wide array of functions like perimeter security, sensor monitoring, alarm signal, video management and fence watch, gadgets and sensors activation and so on.


  • The system operator is aware of the working status of various field electronics.
  • Displaying the fence zone, FWS icon and fence controller
  • Arming and disarming of the solar fencing in accordance to the zones, performed form the CMS software.
  • The audio hooter gets turned on automatically incase of any intrusion attempt.
  • The intrusion alarms can be easily processed and acknowledged with the help of CMS software.
  • The software enables data logging along with archiving of alarms, availability of field electronics, zone voltages and others are available.
  • Power fencing systems help provides security against any unauthorized access.

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